Recognizing an Unsung Hero

Fumi: You may have everyone else Fooled, but I know the real reason for the success of this project.

Issac: What?

Fumi: You. You’ve been Working behind the scenes to bolster the people who weren’t Up to the task. Without you, this project would have been Sunk months ago.

Issac: That’s nonsense.

Fumi: No, it’s not. I know you don’t like the Limelight, but you were the Linchpin of this operation. Without you, we’d all have Egg on our faces today.

Issac: You’re Giving me way too much credit. I don’t want to hear another word about it.

Fumi: I’m not surprised at your reaction. Most Unsung heroes like To keep a low profile.

Issac: What?! I’m Nothing of the kind!

Fumi: Yes, you are. You’re far too Modest. And soon, I won’t be the only one who thinks so!

Issac: What are you Proposing to do?

Fumi: Don’t worry. I’m not planning a Ticker-tape parade, but it’s time your contributions are Recognized for what they are around here!

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