Designing a Building

Kathy: Seeing these Blueprints really Brings this project to life. I can now Envision what this building will look like when it’s built.

Brett: I’m really glad. As the Architect on this project, it’s my job to turn your ideas into Design.

Kathy: You did a great job.

Brett: I had the help of the Surveyors and a Civil engineer, so I can’t Take all of the credit.

Kathy: We’re ready now To solicit bids from General contractors, don’t you think?

Brett: These plans will give any contractor the Specifications they need to give a detailed and Accurate bid. There’ll be no problems with Permits, I don’t think, because a similar structure was on this Building site about 10 years ago before it was Torn down.

Kathy: I’m hoping not to run into any Stumbling blocks, but you never know with a building project. I’ll know we’ve Cleared the hurdles when I can bring in the Interior designers!

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