Building with Wood and Metal

Hugo: Wow, when you said that you did some Woodworking on the weekends, I thought you meant Refinishing furniture. But this! This is a real Workshop and you’re actually building furniture.

Shawna: Yeah, this is what I’m working on right now. I’m building a dining table and chairs.

Hugo: The Grain is beautiful on this piece of Hardwood. It certainly looks better than the Plywood furniture I have in my house. What is all this?

Shawna: Just some basic tools: Saws, Chisels, and Drills.

Hugo: And what is all this Metal for?

Shawna: I’m adding some Grillwork for the back of the chairs. I don’t usually do Metalwork, but I’m keeping it simple.

Hugo: This doesn’t look simple. These pieces have been Welded together, and is that used for Soldering?

Shawna: You got it. When all is said and done, I’ll have a new dining room set with a large table and eight chairs.

Hugo: Wow, I’m impressed.

Shawna: Want To try your hand at it?

Hugo: No thanks. You see these 10 fingers? I’m rather Fond of them.

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Building with Wood and Metal