Shopping for Furniture

Tobias: I really don’t understand why we need new Furniture. After we’re married, we’ll just take the things from each of our two apartments and that should Do the trick.

Renee: We each have some things we can keep and use, but it would be nice to have pieces that Match. Right now, we have six Dining chairs, each in a different style, and none of them are in the same style as the Dining table your uncle is giving us as a wedding present.

Tobias: Yeah, that’s true. At least, we won’t have to shop for bedroom furniture. We’re lucky that your parents are giving us some Hand-me-down things, including a Dresser, two Nightstands, a Headboard, and a Wardrobe. All we need is a Bed.

Renee: Yeah, we got lucky when they decided to get new furniture and to give us their old pieces. That just leaves the living room.

Tobias: But we already have a Couch and a Love seat.

Renee: That’s true, but we still need a Coffee table, two Side tables, and at least two Table lamps and a Floor lamp.

Tobias: Do we really need all of that?

Renee: If we plan To entertain, we do.

Tobias: All right. I was just hoping to get home in time for the game this afternoon.

Renee: No problem. We only have six more stores to visit after this one.

Tobias: Six?!

Renee: Yes, now come on. How are you going to get home in time for the game if you don’t hurry up?

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