Working Late at the Office

I was so glad it was Friday afternoon. I’ve been thinking-TGIF-all day. I was On my way out of the office when I saw Nick sitting at his desk. Even though the office was nearly empty, he didn’t look like he was ready to leave. In fact, he looked like he was still Swamped with work.

Linda: Hi, Nick. You’re here late.

Nick: Yeah, it looks like this may be an All-nighter. I just got a project Dumped in my lap.

Linda: You’re kidding! On Friday afternoon? What happened?

Nick: Well, the person who was Put in charge of this project went on Maternity leave this week and the person who was supposed To take it over just Resigned.

Linda: I can’t believe that. When is the deadline? I hope you’re getting some extra help.

Nick: The project is due First thing Monday morning. And, with the Lay-offs recently, I think I’m on my own on this one.

Linda: Why don’t you bring me up to speed? Maybe I can help.

Nick: No, it’s Friday. You look like you’re about to head home. I can’t ask you to do that.

Linda: I don’t have any big plans for tonight. So, I’ll tell you what. I’m having some trouble finishing the Budget on my Proposal and I know you’re a Whiz at numbers. Why don’t I stay and help you with your project for the next few hours and you can Give me a hand With my budget next week.

Nick: That’s really nice of you. It would be a big Relief. I’m feeling pretty Overwhelmed and I know you’ve done a project like this before. Okay, You’ve got a deal!

Linda: Good! Now, let’s see what we’ve got.

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