Working for an Impossible Boss

Mr. Mann: Why are all these people Milling around doing no work? Laura! You’re In charge when I’m out of the office and you’re Incompetent!

Laura: Mr. Mann, we need to talk in private. Let’s go into your office.

Mr. Mann: What is this about?

Laura: Mr. Mann, I’ve tried to do my job the best I can, but I won’t tolerate your Verbal abuse any longer.

Mr. Mann: Verbal abuse?! I’m just telling it like it is. It’s my…it’s my…Management style. This is business. If you Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Laura: If I thought this was about my performance, I would certainly take any Constructive criticism, but this is really about your Inappropriate behavior.

Mr. Mann: What inappropriate behavior? You’re questioning my behavior?

Laura: Yes, I’ve Held my tongue long enough. Every day, you come back to the office Tipsy from a Three-martini lunch, and you Go off on me in front of the other employees. That Undermines my authority and puts me in an impossible position.

Mr. Mann: I’m your boss and you have no right to question the way I run this house…I mean, department.

Laura: With all due respect, this is no way to run a department.

Mr. Mann: And How dare you suggest that I’m drunk? You don’t know who you’re dealing with.

Laura: Oh, yes I do. You’re my Ex-boss. I’ve had enough. I quit!

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Working for an Impossible Boss