Scheduling a Meeting

I needed to Schedule a meeting for the three Departments involved in a new project. I called each one to find a Date that Would work for all three of us.

Bruno: So, Nicola, would the Day after tomorrow work for you?

Nicola: No, I’ll be Out of the office all day. Could we Do it Early next week or a Week from today?

Bruno: I was hoping to schedule it As soon as possible. How about the End of this week?

Nicola: Well, I think that’s okay. We could meet Late Thursday or Friday. I’m free Thursday from 3 to 5, and on Friday from 10 to 1.

Bruno: Okay. Let me talk to Kumi and I’ll let you know.
Bruno: Hi Kumi, can you Make a meeting with Nicola and me this Thursday or Friday?

Kumi: Oh, I wish I could but I’ll be in the Boise office Starting tomorrow. How about the Following week?

Bruno: I think we can do it Early next week. Would Monday at 10 work for you?

Kumi: Sure, that’s fine.

Bruno: Let me Check with Nicola. You know, I think this would be much easier On email. I’ll send Nicola a note and we can Confirm on email.

Kumi: Okay, I’ll Look for your email.

You know, sometimes, I think scheduling a meeting is the hardest part of actually having a meeting!

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Scheduling a Meeting