Asking for a First Date

Natalie: Hello.

Sergio: Hi, Could I speak to Natalie?

Natalie: This is she.

Sergio: Oh hi, this is Sergio. How are you?

Natalie: Good. How about you?

Sergio: I’m great. Uh, well, the reason I’m calling is I was wondering if you’d like To go out sometime?

Natalie: You mean on a Date?

Sergio: Yeah, with me.

Natalie: I’d love to.

Sergio: Really? I mean, that’s great. I was thinking we could Grab dinner on Friday and then see a movie. How does that sound?

Natalie: Oh, I already Have plans for Friday.

Sergio: How about Saturday?

Natalie: I’m Tied up on Saturday, too. I’m Free tomorrow, though. I don’t suppose you want to go out tomorrow night?

Sergio: Sure, I can Make it tomorrow. I’ll Pick you up around 7:00. Is that okay?

Natalie: Yeah, that Works for me. See you tomorrow at 7:00.

Sergio: I’m really Looking forward to it.

Natalie: Me, too.

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