Losing Employees to Other Companies

Diego: That’s three in six months!

Natalie: What’s three in six months?

Diego: That’s three of this company’s employees who have been Hired away by other companies. First, there was Lamar. I wasn’t surprised that Headhunters were interested in Lamar, since he was clearly a Rising star.

Natalie: Yeah, Lamar was a Tough loss. His Unique set of skills is hard To duplicate.

Diego: You’re telling me! We haven’t been able to find a Replacement. After Lamar, there was Sariah. Sariah is a Classic case of Brain drain. There are great jobs in McQuillanland, with Lucrative pay and a low cost of living. I’m not surprised Sariah took that job.

Natalie: Sariah was very talented. We couldn’t Match the offer she received and she took the better deal.

Diego: And today, Melinda tells me that she’s probably going to accept an offer from a Startup that’s made her An offer she can’t refuse.

Natalie: Not Melinda, too! You know what, I think I’m finally Catching on. Maybe we should be Putting out feelers for better job offers ourselves.

Diego: No, not you, too! Before long, I’ll be the only one left here. I thought you’d help me Talk Melinda into staying.

Natalie: No, not me. You know what they say: If you can’t beat them, join them!

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