Mergers and Acquisitions

Marisol: What do you think of the big announcement this morning?

Lamar: That our company is going To merge with McQ Corp.? From what I’ve Heard through the grapevine, this isn’t a Merger but a Hostile takeover.

Marisol: But the CEO said this morning that our company and McQ Corp. are Equals in this merger, and the Integration of the two companies will be Seamless.

Lamar: Don’t you believe it! McQ Corp. has a history of taking over companies with high Valuations and a lot of Assets and selling them off In pieces. This is no friendly Acquisition.

Marisol: But what about all of that talk about our two companies Consolidating into a strong Business entity and creating great Synergy? Didn’t you buy any of that?

Lamar: Not one word. When McQ Corp. is through with us, we’ll be lucky to still have The shirts on our backs!

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Mergers and Acquisitions