Making and Receiving a Job Offer

Salima: Hello.

Jake: Hi, this is Jake Nagano at Fixit Corp. How are you today?

Salima: Oh, hi, Jake. I’m fine. How are you?

Jake: Good. The reason I’m calling is that we’d like to offer you the position you interviewed for last week.

Salima: Oh, that’s great. I was really impressed with Fixit.

Jake: I’m glad to hear it. We’re prepared to offer you a Starting salary of $55,000. You will get full Medical and dental coverage, and Vision coverage is optional.

Salima: I see. And vacation time?

Jake: Vacation days, Personal leave, and Sick leave accrue one day per month in your first year, and then increase with your Tenure with the company.

Salima: What would be my Job title?

Jake: You’d be a Junior specialist and you’d be Working under Monique Stansfield, the department manager.

Salima: Is the salary Negotiable at all?

Jake: Well, we would consider any Counteroffers, but this is a typical Compensation package for new hires in these positions.

Salima: I see.

Jake: Why don’t you think about it? I’ll need To hear back from you by Wednesday. Will that work?

Salima: Sure, no problem. Just one more thing: I heard that the company has a box at the stadium…

Jake: Let me stop you right there. I hope that’s not a Deal-breaker because it’s taken me…I mean…it takes years for employees to get invited.

Salima: No, not a deal-breaker at all. I’m just a fan.

Jake: In that case, it would be a pleasure To welcome you aboard.

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