Delaying Making a Decision

Thomas: You’ve Hemmed and hawed for weeks. It’s time to make a decision.

Eugenia: I know, but I need To sleep on it. This is a very big decision.

Thomas: You’ve Dragged your feet for far too long. Are you having Second thoughts?

Eugenia: No, no second thoughts. I just want to be Absolutely sure I’m making the right choice. I’m On the fence between two Options. We’ll have to live with this decision for years.

Thomas: I thought you’d already made a Tentative decision days ago.

Eugenia: No, no, no. In my mind, The jury is still out.

Thomas: You can’t Leave everyone hanging.

Eugenia: I know that, but how can I choose if I’m not 100% Positive about either option.

Thomas: I understand that, but it’s now Down to the wire. You’ve got To bite the bullet and decide.

Eugenia: I know. If only I had a few more days to think about it…

Thomas: Too late. They’re here.

Eugenia: The Painters are here?

Thomas: Yes. So will this be a blue or green house?

Eugenia: How about Stripes?

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