Limits to Advancement at Work

Gloria: Did you hear that Manuel is quitting? He took a job with another company.

Sam: I’m not surprised. He came up against the Glass ceiling and he decided To jump ship.

Gloria: Really? I didn’t know he was Bucking for promotion.

Sam: He’s been trying to become a manager for three years, but other people have been promoted over him or they’ve hired from outside the company.

Gloria: I didn’t know that. I was aware of the Wage disparities within the company and the Gender pay gap within each department, but this is news to me.

Sam: Haven’t you noticed that people who take Extended leave to have children or try for some type of Work-life balance are Passed over for Plum assignments, Raises, and promotions? There are definite Limits to advancement.

Gloria: I thought it was just Favoritism on the part of the bosses. Their friends got promoted and other people didn’t.

Sam: That’s certainly true, but that’s only part of the story.

Gloria: Why are we still working for a company with such Unfair policies?

Sam: Speak for yourself. I’m Giving notice today.

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