Learning Work Rules and Routines

I was happy to finally get a job, but I wasn’t ready for a first day of work like this one.

Boss: This is your first day and my job is To give you the rundown on how we do things around here. This is a Well-oiled machine. Everybody has To pull his or her weight, or things don’t Run smoothly. Got that?

Olivia: Yes, I do. I’m here to learn and To get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Boss: Good. I expect you To know the drill and be able To fall in line by the end of the week.

Olivia: I will do my very best.

Boss: We don’t like surprises around here, so we’ve built our workday around a lot of Routines that every employee follows. We expect people to arrive at 8:30 On the nose. That’s our start time and there is no Leeway whatsoever. If you’re Habitually late, you’re out. Got that?

Olivia: Got it.

Boss: We’re no Run-of-the-mill company. We have a Tried and true system here and we expect all of our employees to follow Lockstep. Got that?

Olivia: Yes, sir.

I needed a job, but when I was offered this one, I didn’t know what I was Letting myself in for. I didn’t have a new boss. I had a Drill sergeant!

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