Being Late for an Event

Eric: Let’s Get a move on or we’ll be late – again!

Carmen: Hold your horses. I’m On the verge of being ready. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.

Eric: A day? I’d Settle for a week. Why is it that every time we have someplace to be you’re always Running late?

Carmen: That’s because I March to the beat of a different drummer. Life isn’t about Watching the clock; it’s about Living in the moment.

Eric: Okay, at this Very moment, we’re late.

Carmen: Just Give me a couple of minutes more and I’ll be ready. After all, none of our friends expect us to be Punctual anymore. They all Know better.

Eric: Yeah, and I should, too. From now on, I’ll start getting ready when you say you’re All set. Then I’ll just have minutes to wait – not hours!

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