Taking Someone for Granted

Phil: Did you hear that Melissa has finally Left Eric? It’s about time!

Cameron: Oh, that’s sad. It’s always sad when two people can’t Make it work.

Phil: Well, it wasn’t For a lack of trying, On Melissa’s part. She Bent over backwards trying To please Eric and he always Took her for granted. If you ask me, Melissa was always Too good for him.

Cameron: Really? I don’t know Eric too well, but he seemed nice.

Phil: Yeah, he’s nice On the surface, but he’s really a Slimeball. Trust me, I know.

Cameron: I believe you, but what’s Melissa going to do now?

Phil: I think she should find a nice guy who’ll Appreciate her.

Cameron: Someone like you?

Phil: She Could do worse. I’d Treat her right and make her happy.

Cameron: You sound like a man with a plan.

Phil: “Be prepared.” Isn’t that what the Boy Scouts say?

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