Taking the Bus in Los Angeles

I just moved to L. A. and don’t have a car. Everybody says that you can’t Get around this city without one, but I wanted to Prove them wrong.

I asked my neighbor to take me to the downtown Bus station so I could try taking the bus home. She thought I was crazy but Gave me a ride. When I got there, I went inside and got a Bus schedule. I looked at the map and figured out that I needed to take three buses to get home. The Fare was $1.75 per ride and I could buy a Single ticket, a Booklet of 20, or a Bus pass. I would need Transfers, too, to Change buses.

I took my map and went outside to wait at the Bus stop for The Number 8 bus. Soon it Pulled up and I Got on. I gave my ticket to the bus driver and took a seat. At the Stop where I needed to Get off, I Rang the bell, the bus stopped, and I got off. I waited for the next bus. I waited and waited. A man who was also waiting for the Number 14 bus said that it wasn’t unusual for the bus to be Delayed. It finally got there and I found out that the bus had Broken down along the route and they had to get another bus to Take its place. By this time, I was getting pretty tired. Maybe getting a car in L. A. Wasn’t such a bad idea.

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