Telling People Where You’re From

Cora: Hi, I’m Cora.

Antonio: I’m Antonio. Nice to meet you.

Cora: Same here. Are you From around here?

Antonio: No, I’m Originally from Arkansas. How about you?

Cora: I’m a Native Californian, but I Grew up in the Middle East. My parents were in the military, so we moved Quite a bit, but mainly around the Middle East.

Antonio: That’s really interesting. I Spent some time in Jordan myself a few years ago doing research for my company. But I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over 10 years and consider it my Adopted hometown.

Cora: Isn’t that funny? Even though I was born here, I only moved back here two months ago. I’m sure you know the city much better than I do.

Antonio: I’d be happy To show you around, to help you Get reacquainted with L. A.

Cora: I was only eight years old when my family moved away, so I Have a lot of catching up to do.

Antonio: Let’s start next weekend. I’ll show you some of the places where the Locals like To hang out.

Cora: That sounds great. Is this how all Angelinos Treat newcomers?

Antonio: Absolutely! I’m the city’s One-man welcome wagon.

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