Lying and Telling the Truth

Elizabeth: You’re Full of it!

Leo: I’m telling you the God’s honest truth. Why would I eat the last piece of cake when I know that you Had your heart set on it?

Elizabeth: That’s the question, isn’t it? Why would you Go behind my back and eat it, and then try To put one over on me?

Leo: Would I be able To look you in the eye if I were lying? Look at me. I’m The picture of Honest Abe.

Elizabeth: Do you expect me to believe that?

Leo: There’s not a dishonest bone in my body. I may tell a White lie here and there, but I would never try to tell you a Bald-faced lie like this.

Elizabeth: Oh, really? Do you Swear?

Leo: I swear that I didn’t eat the last piece of cake.

Elizabeth: There’s something Fishy about the way you said that.

Leo: I don’t know what you mean.

Elizabeth: You didn’t eat the last piece of cake, but you know who did.

Leo: I’m Pleading the Fifth.

Elizabeth: Spill it, Abe!

Leo: Not on your life!

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