Nervous at an Interview II

I was Just in time for my interview and I was very nervous. I walked up to the Receptionist. She was talking into a Headset and typing on her keyboard.

David: Good morning. I’m David Laso. I have an appointment with Dale Mendoza at 10 o’clock. Could you please let her know that I’m here?

Receptionist: Please Have a seat and I’ll tell her.

About three minutes later, a man came out of the office and approached me. He introduced himself as Ben, Ms. Mendoza’s Administrative assistant. He told me he would Show me to her office.

I followed him and we stopped in front of an office door with a Placard on the door with the name “Dale Mendoza” and her Title “Vice President” written on it. Ben knocked on the door and opened it. By this time, I was feeling more confident and was actually looking forward to the interview.

Then, I saw Dale Mendoza. She was the same woman who was in the elevator on my way up. I had been so nervous that I just couldn’t stop talking. I had told her how nervous I was about this interview. I had even told her about my nightmare with a three-headed monster interviewing me for a job. And now, Here she was, my Potential new boss.

Dale: Hello, you must be David. It’s nice to meet you.

There was A frog in my throat. My heart was Beating a mile a minute.

David: It’s nice to meet you, too.

Dale: Have a seat and make yourself comfortable. You see? I only have one head and I don’t even bite.

Needless to say, that was not my best interview. But, you Live and learn. I’ll know next time to Keep my mouth shut!

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Nervous at an Interview II