Getting an Interview

I’ve finally Landed my first interview. Well, actually, that’s not really true. I have been on many interviews for Part-time jobs. This was my first interview for a Full-time job.

In less than two months, I will graduate from Arizona University. After a lot of Back and forth trying to decide on a Major, I finally decided to Double major. I would study both Political science and Marketing.

These are not majors that usually Go together. In fact, most people thought I was crazy. But, after a lot of Soul searching, I decided to combine my two main interests: 1. politics and 2. getting a job! Those are my two Priorities. I thought that if I get degrees in these two Fields, I could Cast a wide net when going Job hunting. And, that’s what I’m trying to do now.

Since I don’t know if I want to work in the Public or Private sector, I’ve applied for jobs in both. In the public sector, I could work for the government. Maybe one day, I could even be a Speech writer for the President! Okay, maybe I should Shoot a little lower. In the private sector, I could work for private organizations such as museums, schools, or programs. Some of those are Non-profit.

Or, I could work for a Company. Everybody tells me that that’s where the money is. I haven’t decided yet. I’m planning To apply for a lot of jobs and will see what happens. What I want now is just to get some Job offers. Then, I can start being Picky.

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