Reviewing Job Applications

Missy: Okay, let’s sort this Stack of applications into three Piles: good Candidates, those Worth a second look, and definite “no’s.”

Jonathan: Well, that didn’t take long. With this poor economy, I thought we’d get An embarrassment of riches, but these applications are pretty Pathetic. I only see two of these people as employee Material.

Missy: Yeah, well, it might have something to do with the salary we’re offering. Not everybody is willing To work for peanuts.

Jonathan: Isn’t that the truth! Some of these applicants have never Held down a job before and don’t have a single Reference. These others don’t seem to be able To hold on to a job, Job-hopping every few months.

Missy: Well, at least we have these two Standouts. They both have the right Educational background and level of experience. Should we call them in for Interviews?

Jonathan: Yeah, and I hope they haven’t already been Snatched up by another company.

Missy: You and me, both.

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