Sharing With Others

Benny: Mom says we’re supposed To share.

Julia: I know. I’m Divvying up the candy right now. Just Hold your horses.

Benny: I want to do it. I want to make sure I Get my fair share.

Julia: I Called dibs on dividing up the candy, remember? You snooze you lose.

Benny: That’s not Fair! I wasn’t here when Mom came home.

Julia: Bummer for you. Okay, I’m done. Here’s your share and here’s mine.

Benny: Hey, the two Piles aren’t Equal. You definitely got the Lion’s share. You do that to me every time. That’s not fair!

Julia: What are you going to do about it?

Benny: I’m going To tell!

Julia: You’re such a baby. Okay, if you don’t run to Mom, I’ll let you Call shotgun the next time we go anywhere in the car.

Benny: You will? You promise?

Julia: I Cross my heart and hope to die. Okay?

Benny: All right, but I still want my fair share of the candy.

Julia: Okay, I’ve Evened out the piles. Satisfied?

Benny: Yeah. And can I do the divvying up next time?

Julia: Don’t Push your luck!

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