Living on the Fringes of Society

Carla: Why do those teenagers have to dress like that? Don’t they want To fit in?

Donald: Maybe they feel Marginalized and they’re showing their feelings of Alienation through their clothes.

Carla: That’s just a bunch of Psychobabble. Nobody is treating them like Second-class citizens. They’re choosing To set themselves apart, to make themselves Outcasts.

Donald: Maybe they don’t feel they have the same Access and Privileges that other people do because of Social class, Religious beliefs, or other factors.

Carla: Nobody is Shunning them. They choose to live On the fringe of society. They need to stop making themselves Conspicuous and Integrate into society.

Donald: What if they doubt they’d be Accepted?

Carla: That’s ridiculous.

Donald: Would you want one of them as your neighbor?

Carla: Well, I…well…

Donald: I think I’ve Proved my point.

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