Getting Advice from Mothers-in-Law

Marc: Who was that?

Carla: It was your mother – again. She wanted to give me another piece of Unsolicited advice about Housekeeping. She’s called five times this week already.

Marc: She’s just trying to be helpful.

Carla: I wish she’d do it without being so Critical. I feel like she enjoys Finding fault with everything I do.

Marc: She’s a little Overeager to help, that’s all. Don’t think of it as her Interfering. Think of it as her giving you Support. She isn’t like your mother.

Carla: What do you mean?

Marc: What do I mean?! She’s Constantly giving me advice on how to be a better husband.

Carla: Well, we just got married and she wants our marriage to be the best it can be.

Marc: I know, but your mother has a really Sharp tongue and she Doesn’t hold back. She Butts in whenever I’m trying to do something to tell me how to do it better.

Carla: Just like your mother, she’s only trying to help.

Marc: With her constant Sarcastic comments?

Carla: That’s just her sense of humor. She Doesn’t mean anything by it. She likes you.

Marc: She has a strange way of showing it.

Carla: All of this talk about Mothers-in-law is Getting our blood up. At this rate, we won’t be able to follow the best piece of marriage advice we’ve received so far.

Marc: Which was?

Carla: Don’t go to bed angry.

Marc: Who’s angry?

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Getting Advice from Mothers-in-Law