Improving Your Looks

Leo: Where have you been?

Mai: I’ve been meeting with an Agent. You know I’ve wanted to pursue a career in acting for a long time, but today I actually met with a real agent. She thinks I have Potential.

Leo: Is she going To sign you?

Mai: She might. She suggested a few improvements that are going to make me more Salable as an actress.

Leo: What did she suggest?

Mai: Well, she thought I should get some Hair extensions to make my hair look longer and Fuller.

Leo: There’s nothing wrong with your hair.

Mai: Well, she thought it could use some Sprucing up. She also recommended getting my teeth Capped. At the very least, she said I should have Teeth whitening done.

Leo: Your teeth look nice and natural. There’s nothing wrong with them.

Mai: She also suggested getting a Spray tan, so I’d look healthier.

Leo: You already look healthy. Is she crazy?

Mai: No, I think she’s giving me good Constructive criticism. I want to make myself as salable as possible.

Leo: It sounds like she wants To stamp out all of your Individuality and turn you into a Clone of every other actress out there.

Mai: I was thinking of taking her advice. I want to be salable.

Leo: You’re a person, not a piece of meat. Salable, SchMalable! Don’t you even think about it!

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