Marriage Proposal Part II

I had been Stressing out about it for a couple of weeks. How do I ask my girlfriend to marry me?

We were getting some dinner at a Fast food restaurant before going to the movies.

Fiona: Tell me the truth. What’s up with you lately?

Doug: Me? Nothing. Why do you ask?

Fiona: You Haven’t been yourself. You’ve been quiet and Distant. Are you Seeing someone else?

Doug: No! Of course I’m not. I would never Cheat on you.

Fiona: Then, do you want to Break up with Me?

Doug: No way! That’s the last thing I want to do. You’ve Got it all wrong.

Fiona: Then, tell me what’s On your mind.

Doug: I…well…it’s just that…oh, I Can’t stand it anymore! I’ve been carrying around this ring in my pocket for two weeks trying to get up the nerve to ask you. Fiona, will you marry me?

Fiona: Ah! I can believe it. Are you serious?

Doug: I’ve never been more serious. This wasn’t the way I wanted to ask you, but will you?

Fiona: Yes, I’ll marry you. And, I thought you wanted to break up.

Doug: No, I don’t, Silly. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. Don’t you know that?

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Marriage Proposal Part II