An Old Love

Juan: You’ll never guess who I got an email from yesterday.

Naomi: Who?

Juan: Diana Shultz.

Naomi: Weren’t you two An item back in high school? So, you got an email from an Old flame. Very interesting.

Juan: Well, that’s Ancient history. We Lost touch After we went off to college.

Naomi: What did she say in her email?

Juan: She said she was going to be in town next month and wanted to know if I wanted to get together for dinner.

Naomi: Are you going to go?

Juan: I don’t know. Her email came Out of the blue.

Naomi: Aren’t you Dying of curiosity? I know I would be. Maybe she still Has feelings for you.

Juan: Stop it! It’s just dinner, and I’m sure she just wants To catch up on old times, nothing more.

Naomi: I wouldn’t be so sure. You’ll go, right?

Juan: I Might as well. If I Make an excuse, she might think I’m trying To avoid her.

Naomi: Good. Go and then tell me all about it Afterwards. You know I have no Social life, so I Live vicariously through you.

Juan: Stop Making things up. You date more than anyone I know. Okay, I’m going, so stop Pestering me.

Naomi: All right, but I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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An Old Love