The Stock Market

Heather: What’s the matter? You look terrible.

Paul: Haven’t you seen the paper? The Stock market went down a lot yesterday. The NASDAQ is down 100 points and the Dow is down 30! My Portfolio is in big trouble.

Heather: I knew you had some Stock options in this company, but I didn’t know you were so heavily invested in the market.

Paul: I’m invested in the Bond market, in Derivatives, and I have Shares in a lot of companies that took a Nosedive yesterday.

Heather: I’m sure you have a good Stockbroker who has made sure that your portfolio is Diversified and you have different kinds of Securities.

Paul: That’s my problem. I don’t have a stockbroker. I decided To invest on my own and to go for less secure stocks hoping for a better Return. I thought I could tell the difference between a Bear and a Bull market as well as the brokers. I guess I was wrong.

Heather: The drop in stock prices won’t last. I’m sure the market will Rebound. Just don’t Panic and sell everything. The old saying, “buy low, sell high,” is still a good idea, I think.

Paul: I know, I know. I won’t do anything stupid-that is, I won’t do anything even more stupid. I’ll wait to see what happens before taking any action.

Heather: That’s a good idea. Come on. I’ll buy you lunch.

Paul: Thanks. Now that I’m poor, I won’t say ‘no’ to your Charity.

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The Stock Market