Starting a New Workweek

Naomi: Wow, you look like you had a Rough weekend. A little too much Partying, huh?

Aaron: You said it. I’m planning To ease into the new Workweek. I need time To chill and to recover. Could you Take a meeting this morning with our new client?

Naomi: What will you do?

Aaron: I’ll be sitting here waiting for Hump day. The weekend Can’t come soon enough!

Naomi: It’s Monday and you’re already looking forward to next weekend?

Aaron: You got it.

Naomi: And you want To slack off, while I take on the Lion’s share of your work. Is that what you’re saying?

Aaron: Just this once. I’ll Return the favor the next time you have a rough weekend.

Naomi: What are you planning for next weekend?

Aaron: Why do you ask?

Naomi: I want to know how long I’ll have to wait for a chance To sit back and watch You work!

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