Starting a New School Year

Mom: It’s your first day at a new school. I’m worried about you.

Paul: Mom, I’ll be fine.

Mom: Do you have all of your books and Supplies in your Backpack? Oh and I’ve Packed you a lunch already.

Paul: You didn’t have to do that, Mom. I was going to buy lunch at school.

Mom: Now you won’t have to. I hope you make some new friends. It’s no fun being a Loner. It’s not that you have to be Popular. I just don’t want you To feel left out.

Paul: I’ll be fine, Mom. I’d better go, or I’ll be late.

Mom: Do you think the school will do something special To kick off the new School year? I hope your teachers aren’t too Strict. Oh, your backpack Weighs a ton! But you can leave most of your books in your Locker, right?

Paul: They don’t have lockers at my new school, but I’ll be fine.

Mom: I hope the teachers don’t already have Seating plans. I know you like to sit near the back of the Classroom. And I hope you won’t have too much Homework on the first day…

Paul: Mom, stop Fussing. Everything will be fine.

Mom: You’re my baby and I’m worried about you.

Paul: Mom, I’m not starting kindergarten. I’m starting college, remember?

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