Buying Back-to-School Supplies

Svetlana: Tomorrow is the first day of Junior high. Are you ready?

Quinn: Sure, it’s not that big a deal. I already put some Supplies in my new Backpack.

Svetlana: Let’s see. You have some Folders, a Three-ring binder, and a Pen. Is that all you’re bringing to school?

Quinn: I don’t have my books yet. I’ll get those tomorrow morning. What else do I need? I’m not in the second grade. I don’t need things like Glue, Crayons, and Construction paper.

Svetlana: No, but you’re missing a lot of stuff. I should know. You have a pen, but no Pencils. You have no Erasers or Highlighters. You have a three-ring binder, but you don’t have any Ruled paper or a Notebook.

Quinn: I don’t need all of that stuff on the first day!

Svetlana: You want to be prepared, don’t you? Where are your Index cards? Don’t you have a Calculator? You’ll need it for your math class.

Quinn: Are you kidding me?! If I carry all of that plus my books, who will carry me to class?

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Buying Back-to-School Supplies