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В топике Наша школа я рассказываю о своей школе-лицее, в которой учатся более 1200 учеников. Я подробно описываю классные комнаты для учеников начальных и старших классов, о расположении кабинета директора, тренажерного зала, мастерских для девочек и мальчиков, компьютерного класса, библиотеки, столовой и спортивного зала. Наша школа хорошо оснащена магнитофонами и проигрывателями, а кабинеты химии, физики и биологии оборудованы лабораториями. У нас только один выходной день в воскресенье, и учащиеся нашей школы хотели бы иметь больше свободного

времени для посещения театров, музеев, спортивных мероприятий и клубов по интересам.

Most schools in our city are comprehensive. Ours is a lyceum, so our pupils come from different parts of the city. The school holds over 1200 pupils and about 100 teachers.

The classrooms for junior forms are on the ground floor. They look cosy. The walls are decorated with pictures and there are nice curtains on the large windows. I think, children feel at home here. The classrooms for senior students are on the upper floors. Our principal’s office is on the ground floor. At the beginning of the corridor, on the right are gym and a workshop for girls, and on the left – workshop for boys. The library and the canteen are on the first floor.

The computer class is on the first floor too. It is very popular with our pupils as many of them are fond of computer games. It’s a pity we have no Assembly Hall and all school celebrations and gatherings are held in the gym. The school is rather well equipped. Tape recorders and record players are used at different lessons. Chemistry, physics and biology are taught in well-equipped labs. The students carry out experiments and make careful observations there.

Our classes start at half past eight and are over at half past one. Some pupils live far from school so they have to get there by bus, by tram or by trolley-bus. My school is from Monday till Saturday so we have only one day off. If we had one more day off we would devote our spare time to entertainment, theatres, museums, sports and different hobby clubs.

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Our school