Students suspended for riding horses to school

Pranks become more common as the school year wraps up for many students. This 2015 story is going viral after being posted on Reddit this week.

Two high school seniors were suspended after they rode horses to school as part of “No Vehicle to School Day.”

The decision to not use vehicles to get to school was made by the senior class, according to KRQE.

Students were creative in their choice of alternative modes of transportation. Some students rode skateboards or bikes, while other broke out four-wheelers.

But A. J. Sauceda and Clayton Torres got in trouble with school officials for their four-legged choice of transportation.

The two students say they ride horses instead of bikes. The pair rode the horses on campus for about 10 minutes, then took the animals back home.

School officials were waiting for the students when they returned to campus.

Sauceda and Torres were suspended.

School officials said it was not safe for the horses to be on campus.

The students were surprised by the punishment, claiming that worse senior pranks had been committed earlier in the week, and those pranksters were not suspended.

Sauceda and Torres missed finals due to the suspension, but will be allowed to make up the exams.

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Students suspended for riding horses to school