School Fundraisers

Valerie: What’s this?

A. J.: It’s a note from Rachel’s school. It’s about the next Fundraiser.

Valerie: Oh no, not another one. What is it this time – a Raffle, Car wash, or Spaghetti dinner?

A. J.: It’s none of those things. It’s a combination Bake sale and Craft sale. Parents are supposed To donate baked goods and handmade items.

Valerie: This is crazy. Every month there’s something else. Last month, it was a Candy sale. I had To hit up everybody at work, and that’s On the tail of raffle tickets the month before. It’s like this every year.

A. J.: I know, we already donated a lot of things to the Rummage sale last semester and Gift certificates for the Silent auction two months ago. With two kids in two different schools, I feel like we never get a Breather.

Valerie: I know and there’s more. Brian’s school is asking parents to buy a Brick that will be part of a new school building and our names will be Engraved on it.

A. J.: You’re kidding, right? One more fundraiser and my name will get engraved, all right – on my Tombstone!

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