Taking a Campus Tour

Ji Won: Come on, Dad, the Campus tour starts over there. The Guide is ready to begin the Walking tour.

Guide: Welcome, Prospective students and your parents. My name is Jaime and I’ll be conducting your tour today. This tour will last about an hour, and we’ll be making frequent Stops so I can Point out some of the most important buildings and areas on this Campus.

Ji Won: Dad, are you listening?

Guide: First, let’s stop on the Quad. On your left, you’ll see the Administration building. On your right are the Student union and Bookstore. Let’s continue.

Ji Won: Dad, stop checking your email. You promised that you’d make these campus visits with me and help me make a decision about which university to attend.

Guide: We’re passing the Sports stadium on your left and the Arts complex on your right. Those buildings there are the Dorms. The Research library is just ahead.

Ji Won: Dad, where did you go?

Guide: Let’s stop here a moment so I can point out the science buildings and Research labs. Is Something the matter?

Ji Won: I think I’ve lost my Dad. I think we’ll have to take the Self-guided tour!

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