Meeting Your Boyfriend’s/Girlfriend’s Parents

Ronny: Ready?

Judy: Ready as I’ll ever be.

Ronny: Try To work up a little Enthusiasm about meeting my parents.

Judy: It’s not them I’m worried about. It’s me. What if I don’t Pass muster?

Ronny: My parents are going to love you. They’re Open-minded and Nonjudgmental people. They won’t care about anything except that I like you and you make me happy.

Judy: Me and parents are Like oil and water. I’ve never been good at Making a good first impression.

Ronny: Then you’ll gradually Win them over. Meeting my parents will be a Cakewalk. They’re nice people. It’s not like you’ll be Running the gauntlet meeting my nine brothers.

Judy: You didn’t tell them I’d be meeting your parents tonight, did you?

Ronny: I may have mentioned it to Mark. Why?

Judy: What if they decide To show up and Ambush me?

Ronny: They won’t.

Judy: If you found out that one of your brothers were bringing a girlfriend home to meet your parents, wouldn’t you want to be there?

Ronny: You have a point there, but it’s too late To back out now. Put on your game face and let’s go, or we’ll be late.

Judy: Okay, but just don’t be surprised if I Make a break for it.

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