Recommending Someone for a Job

Harry: I’ve Put in a good word for you with my boss. He said To stop by the store at 4:00 today and he’ll Interview you for the job.

Judy: Okay, I think I can make it around 4:00.

Harry: Not around 4:00. You need to be there at 4:00 Sharp, got that? I’m Sticking my neck out for you by Recommending you for this job, so don’t Let me down.

Judy: All right, I’ll be there. It’s not like it’s my idea to get a job at your store. I didn’t ask you To put your reputation on the line. I don’t think that job is A good fit for me.

Harry: You can’t Afford to be choosy. You need a job and you need it right now.

Judy: I’m not in a hurry. I want to find a job that really Suits my talents.

Harry: I’m sick of you sleeping on my couch and Mooching off me. By the time you find a job that suits your talents, I’ll be in a Nursing home – or an Insane asylum!

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