Types of Meetings

Susanna: All right, then. This meeting is over. We’ll meet again next week for a Status update.

Juan: Hey, do you have a few minutes to talk about tomorrow’s Teleconference?

Susanna: Sorry, I’ve got to run. I’m late for my department’s weekly Brainstorming session. Can it wait?

Juan: Sure, how about a Lunch meeting?

Susanna: I can’t. I’m holding Personnel meetings over lunch all this week. It’s the only way I can Fit them in.

Juan: Okay, how about at 3:00 this afternoon?

Susanna: Sorry, I have a Standing meeting with the directors once a month at that time. Can you come by after the Pitch meeting at 4:30?

Juan: I wish I could, but our department head has called an Emergency meeting for this afternoon to do some Damage control after the Shareholder meeting debacle last week. Well, how about a Dinner meeting?

Susanna: Only if we can have dinner at 9:30. I won’t be finished here until then.

Juan: Do you ever get a Breather?

Susanna: A breather? I think I’m Due for one…in 2030.

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