Recovering After a Setback

Carl: Come on, let’s go. I have $500 Burning a hole in my pocket.

Shelly: Where are we going?

Carl: We’re going to the Track. I have a Tip on a Sure thing for one of this afternoon’s Races. This is exactly what I need after last week’s Setback.

Shelly: You mean after losing all of your money last week.

Carl: Right, but all I need to do is to get that Monkey off my back and then I’ll have a Reversal of fortune. Winning big this afternoon will be the start of a new Winning streak.

Shelly: Maybe what happened last week is really a Sign of things to come. Maybe it was the start of a losing streak.

Carl: Don’t Jinx me with that kind of Negativity. I’ve always believed that when you meet with a setback, come back With all you’ve got.

Shelly: Does that mean what I think it means?

Carl: Yes, that’s right. I’m Plunking down all $500 on that race. I can’t lose.

Shelly: But what if –

Carl: Don’t say another word. When I win and Get back in my stride, you can say, “Congratulations!”

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