Getting and Making Threats

Ruth: I’m really glad you’re getting so much support from the public. Look at all of these bags of Fan mail.

Carl: Only about half of that is fan mail. The rest is Hate mail.

Ruth: Hate mail? Who would send you hate mail?

Carl: Lots of people. People who are Disgruntled write to me about their Grievances.

Ruth: Really?

Carl: Don’t look so surprised. We’ve gotten Bomb threats, and I’ve even received a few Death threats.

Ruth: Death threats?! Aren’t you worried about your Personal safety?

Carl: Not really. Most people are just Venting and others are trying To intimidate me. I’m not going to buckle under just because I get a few letters.

Ruth: But it only takes one Mentally unbalanced person To carry through on threats. Have you considered getting a Bodyguard?

Carl: No, I don’t need any Protection. I just need to keep Plugging away and getting things done.

Ruth: I finally know what to get you for your birthday.

Carl: What?

Ruth: A Bulletproof vest.

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