Making Changes to a Hotel Reservation

Reservation agent: Hello, Milton Hotel Reservations. How may I assist you?

Sally: Hi, I’m calling to make some changes to an Existing reservation.

Reservation agent: Certainly. Do you have the Reservation number?

Sally: Sure, it’s 234678.

Reservation agent: That’s a reservation for Sally Menkel. Is that right?

Sally: Yes, that’s right. I’d like to change the Check-in date from September 15th to September 16th.

Reservation agent: Certainly. I can make that change for you. Is that the only change?

Sally: No, the Check-out date will also change, from the 23rd to the 24th.

Reservation agent: No problem. We have you arriving on the 16th of September and departing the 24th of September. Will there be anything else?

Sally: Yes, there will be two people in my Party, not just one.

Reservation agent: I’ve made that change. Anything else I can help

you with?

Sally: Yes, instead of a Courtyard room, I’d like a room with a View, preferably on an Upper floor.

Reservation agent: I can certainly change that for you, although there will be a change in the Room rate. The new rate is $189 per night.

Sally: On Second thought, I’d prefer a Suite that Overlooks the Pool. Is that possible?

Reservation agent: Certainly. The new rate is $249 per night.

Sally: Oh, that’s really expensive. I think I’d better To stick to my original room.

Reservation agent: All right. I’ve changed your reservation back to a courtyard room. Anything else?

Sally: Maybe I should shorten my stay. If I do that, I could afford a suite. Yes, let’s change the dates and the rooms again.

Reservation agent: Let me make a suggestion. Let’s Cancel this reservation and make a whole new one. That way, we can make sure everything is correct.

Sally: Oh, that’s not too much trouble for you, is it? I’d hate to be a Bother.

Reservation agent: No, no trouble at all.

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Making Changes to a Hotel Reservation