Staying in an Inexpensive Hotel

Suzanna: Remind me why we’re staying in this Fleabag motel in the Seedy part of town?

Kenji: We agreed that we would Skimp on the Accommodations so we could spend more money on activities and eating out. Remember?

Suzanna: I remember, but I Didn’t bargain for someplace as Run-down as this. Look at the Peeling wallpaper and Moldy bathroom.

Kenji: It’s pretty bad, isn’t it? Look on the bright side. At least it’s not Rat-infested.

Suzanna: That’s Small comfort. Well, I think I’ll take a short nap before we go out for dinner. Uh!

Kenji: What’s the matter?

Suzanna: This Comforter is Filthy. I doubt Housekeeping has changed it in months!

Kenji: Let’s get out of here and go get a drink. That should cheer us up.

Suzanna: Good idea. If I have more than one, maybe I won’t care so much where we’re staying.

Kenji: Given the State of this room, we might need an entire Pitcher!

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