Vacationing on an Island

Mohsen: I need to get off this Island. I’m getting Island fever.

Ella: We’ve only been here two days. Give it a chance. We’re here to enjoy a slower Pace of life, remember?

Mohsen: When you said we were going on an island vacation, I didn’t know we’d be so Isolated. There isn’t a Living soul within five miles!

Ella: This isn’t isolated; it’s Secluded. We have Privacy and Serenity. Isn’t that what we wanted?

Mohsen: I wanted a vacation with all of the Creature comforts.

Ella: That’s what we have, don’t you think? We’re staying in a very nice house.

Mohsen: Yes, but what about the creature comforts? I have no Internet access and no Cell phone service. This is what I call Roughing it.

Ella: We agreed that we both needed a little time away To unwind. The Whole point of this vacation is for us to relax.

Mohsen: I’m Cut off from civilization and I have no access to email and my favorite websites. What could be more Stressful than this?!

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