Traveling to a Remote Island

Leandro: When you said you got a Plum job working abroad, I thought you were going to Europe or Asia. Where exactly is Hueller Island?

Alysson: It’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Here, I’ll show you on the Map.

Leandro: Wow, I had no idea you’d be working in such a Far-flung place. It’s a bit Remote, isn’t it?

Alysson: It is, but it’s also Unspoiled and beautiful. I’ve seen photos and it looks like my idea of Paradise. See? After I get Settled, you should come for a visit.

Leandro: It looks a little Desolate. Is it hard to get to?

Alysson: You would need to take a 19-hour flight from here to the Mainland and then a two-day boat ride to reach it.

Leandro: Aren’t you worried about living in such Isolation? It’s so far from Civilization.

Alysson: There are other people living on the island, you know, so it’s not like I wouldn’t see Another living soul for days.

Leandro: Oh, I’m glad there’s a community living there. What is the Population of Hueller Island?

Alysson: It’s small, which isn’t unusual for an island this size.

Leandro: How small?

Alysson: When I move there, it’ll increase to seven. And if you visit, you’ll Make eight.

Leandro: I’ll give the idea of that trip all the Consideration it deserves.

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Traveling to a Remote Island