Be yourself – Будь собой

Everyone is special because of being different. Personality mostly comes from the inside not the outside. It doesn`t matter what people think of you. The only person who matters is yourself.

You should learn that you can`t be loved by everyone. That would be ideal, but it is unreal. In our complicated world it can hardly be found. You can be the finest plum in the whole world, ripe, juicy, fragrant, and offer yourself to everyone. But you should remember that there will always be people who don`t like plums at all.

You should understand that if you are the world`s finest plum and someone you love likes not plums but bananas, you have the choice of becoming a banana. But you should be warned that if you choose to become a banana, you will be the second rate banana. But you can always be the first rate plum.

You should realize that if you choose to become a banana, you run the risk of the beloved finding you the second rate and wanting only the best, discarding you. Then you can only spend your life trying to become the best banana — which is impossible if you are a plum from birth — or you can seek to be the best plum again.

In other words, if you are a plum — be better the best darn plum you can possibly be — you are the best you!

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Be yourself – Будь собой