About myself and my hobby – О себе и своем хобби

Let me introduce myself. My full name is Tsalko Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna. I was born on Match, 2, 1981 in the city of Slavsk, Kaliningrad region. I have finished the North-west academy of public administration. And now I work.

I have got family. My family is not large. We are on friendly terms and always have much fun together. I have got mother, father and brother, who don’t live in one and the same flat with me. And it’s also really great! I’m sure that each person should have enough personal space around. That’s the best to keep good relation for a long time. I think that we don’t have the problem of generation gap, as we don’t practically use such methods as arguments. We try to discuss the family plans together, help each other in everything. We never remain indifferent to want happens to the others. It seems to me that I bring up my own child in the same manner. In appearance I look more like my mother. In character I take after my father. I am easy-going person

but take things seriously. I prefer to think rather than to talk. I never drop my work half-way.

My best hobby is reading books. I read something all my spare time. I think that first of all it is necessary to tell that nowadays books become less popular with young people. But it doesn’t necessary mean that they read less. Maybe, the secret is that the Internet becomes more and more widespread in Russia. And much information is performed now in electronic form. But the question is: what information is suitable for reading from computer, and what – not. But now I should say, that no matter the form is, information is the most valuable treasure of the mankind. Oscar Wilde said once, “There are books to read, books to reread and books not to read at all”.

Finally I would like to tell that I really like another saying, “Choose an author as you choose a friend!”. And I know for sure – the more we read, the better.

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About myself and my hobby – О себе и своем хобби