Books and Libraries

В топике Книги и библиотеки я рассказываю о нашей школьной библиотеке. Здесь я могу выбрать книги, чтобы подготовиться к урокам. При выборе книги, я обращаю внимание на обложку книги, ее иллюстрации, фамилию автора, название книги и ее содержание. Очень важно соблюдать все правила пользования библиотекой и бережно относиться к книгам. Я стараюсь читать как можно больше, потому что чтение литературы расширяет мой кругозор.

I often take books from the school library. The library is helpful when I have to make a report or when I need information on some subjects. The choice of books in our school library is very good. There are many short stories and novels, textbooks and reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias there.

All books are arranged in alphabetical order. I pay attention to the cover of the book, its illustrations, the name of the author, the title of the book and its contents.

When we take a book, we mustn’t do dog’s ears, we mustn’t write anything on the pages, and we must return books in time. I think it is necessary to follow these rules.

I’m extremely fond of reading. I often read for pleasure and sometimes for information. So I’m interested in different kinds of books. I like to read stories about heroes, great travelers, explorers, and courageous men. These books excite my imagination. I think I devote much time to reading.

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Books and Libraries