Staying in a Vacation Rental

George: I’m kind of nervous staying in a Vacation rental for the first time.

Marnie: Don’t worry. Before I Booked this unit, I checked it out thoroughly. It’s Pet-friendly and Kid-friendly, and it Sleeps six, so it’ll be perfect for the whole family.

George: But there won’t be the same Amenities or services as a hotel.

Marnie: We won’t need any of those. Just think, we’ll Have the run of the place and there are no Adjoining units. The Proximity to town is great and I got a Last-minute price that’s even lower than their Low season rate.

George: Everything sounds good, but…

Marnie: It’ll be our Home away from home. Units this close to the beach are Scarce, and this one is really Affordable.

George: A little too affordable, if you ask me. You said that it’s just $60 a night?

Marnie: That’s right.

George: Are there any taxes or Cleaning fees?

Marnie: I didn’t ask about that.

George: Do they require a Refundable deposit?

Marnie: I didn’t check that either.

George: Then maybe it’s Too good to be true. Before we get too excited, let’s go read the Fine print.

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