Attracting Someone’s Interest

Angie: Ooh, it looks like Joanna Has her sights set on you. Look at how she’s Giving you the eye.

Kenji: Is she? I hadn’t noticed.

Angie: Watch out, she usually gets what she wants and she Doesn’t take no for an answer.

Kenji: I’m not interested in Joanna At all. She’s not My type.

Angie: Then you’re the only one. Every guy I know thinks she’s Hot. She has a Bunch of them At her beck and call.

Kenji: Then she won’t care if I don’t Take an interest in her. I don’t like women who behave as though they’re God’s gift to men.

Angie: Don’t look now, but she’s Making a beeline for you.

Kenji: Then that’s my Cue to beat a speedy exit.

Angie: Are you sure you want To give her the brush off?

Kenji: I’m sure. That’s one woman I don’t want To tangle with.

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